The Advocate

The haaeyc Advocate is a local publication produced 4-5 times per year by HAAEYC and distributed to all members. It includes Organizational News regarding both HAAEYC and TAEYC/ NAEYC activities, Feature articles dealing with current topics, Theory articles and corresponding Putting Theory into Practice articles on topics relevant to modern care and education, and various other articles designed to educate and inform those involved with early care and education.

The haaeyc Advocate is an essential publication for industry professionals. New members may obtain previous issues of haaeyc Advocate (limited availability) by contacting us.

Details for manuscript guidelines:

  • APA Format
  • Use Microsoft word, size 11 font, anything easy to read, single-spaced.
  • Try to limit articles to 2 pages maximum, excluding the cover page.
  • Word counts may range from 500 minimum to 1500 words maximum.
  • Please use a front cover page with all authors’ contact info, but leave off any indicators of authors on the other reading aspects of the document.
Please send all articles in word documents, by attachment to:

Amelia Hewitt, Ed.D.

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